Our Name

Our Name

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the Camarillo area was commonly known as the “Chapel City,” named after the numerous churches in the area and the positive impact they had in the lives of Camarillo families. Our church was built to be and remains an iconic symbol of faith in the community. Chapel City Church, as a name and church, hopes to honor our city’s history by continuing to impact our city through and for Jesus Christ.

As Camarillo’s founding families moved to and settled in the Pleasant Valley, the churches became the town’s social center. These churches’ charter members served the community, created schools and businesses, helped the needy, and facilitated events for fellowship and fun. The various churches worked together as friends (they were great friends) finding ways to reach and serve the people in the area. Chapel City is a memorable name honoring our city’s history by continually striving towards our mission: to lovingly serve and impact the city of Camarillo through and for Jesus Christ. Chapel City honors our city. Still true today, Camarillo has many churches. These churches have had and continue to have an immeasurable impact in our city and the world. Camarillo became known as the Chapel City for this very reason. Reflecting on Camarillo churches and their impact in the community, Camarillo historian and Mayor Emeritus Stan Daily declares, “We truly are a Chapel City.” The name Chapel City is deeply connected to Camarillo while belonging in the present, contemporary and strong, looking towards our future.

“…come and worship with us in Camarillo, The Chapel City.”

Pastor William Dawson
January 7, 1938

The year was 1930. To help pay for a new structure, the church decided to sell a two-acre plot of land formerly used as a cemetery. After some unsuccessful efforts at selling the property, Don Adolfo Camarillo and his brother Juan agreed to buy the property outright for the generous sum of 10,000 dollars, which they paid in cash. My grandfather always felt that the Camarillo brothers were overly generous in the amount they paid. I said earlier that there was a “Great Spirit” between the churches in town, and there is no better example than this. The church was dedicated on August 30, 1930. My grandfather (W.P. Daily) in his book noted that Camarillo was now known as “Chapel City.” How pleased he would be today to see all of the churches in Camarillo. We truly are a “Chapel City.”

Camarillo and Other Remembrances
By the Honorable Stanley J. Daily

The old building, erected in 1891, had served the needs of the church for about thirty years, but then became antiquated and small. Those harboring the idea of building a new structure were thought to be insane, for where in the world could we get 40,000 dollars? I was strongly in favor of building a good, new structure, worthy of the community in which we lived and of the cause we represented. Through our own congregation and friends in the community we soon had the building funds and were able to move into a beautiful new building. All of us were proud and happy. The community can be proud of its churches. In fact our town is known as the “Chapel City.”

An Album of Memories
By Wendell P. Daily