The Sunday Update | March 15, 2015

The Sunday Update | March 15, 2015

Sunday we a continue to examine what the Church is all about and how we can strive to hit those biblical goals of Connecting to one another, Applying God’s truth in everyday life, Praying (really praying) for one another, and Serving one another and the larger community around us. Patrick will be continuing tomorrow as we lay foundations for basic values that drive our church!

Announcements & Updates

Words of thanksgiving!

Many have been following Barbara’s and my journey over the past few weeks as we discovered that Barbara had a mass on her right kidney. Surgery was Thursday in Thousand Oaks and the surgeons indicated that it was a textbook surgery with the cancer contained with the removal of the kidney. The particular type of cancer is somewhat unusual and not prone to spread or occurrence. We thank the Lord for his provision and to you for your prayers. Barbara is home (we just got home in the last hour) and recuperating so I will be a little scarce around church for the next week. If you want to take a look at the robotics that were used in a non-surgical context, check it out here.

The Countdown is on for our women’s conference

Our one-day women’s conference “What Are You Thinking” on March 28th. Go online here to register.

I most likely will not be in services tomorrow as I am home helping Barbara but I will be with you in spirit! I will be looking forward to picking up the sermon online and praying for you all. Barbara and I are truly grateful for friends like you and the outpouring of support we have received!

In Christ,


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