The Sunday Update | July 24, 2016

The Sunday Update | July 24, 2016

How not to pray – Matthew 6:5-15

Another study on the Lord’s Prayer? Oftentimes the most familiar things in our lives become the least appreciated. Millions of people throughout history have memorized the same prayer, praying it over and over again to the point of monotony. This two-week series in Matthew 6:5-15 will help us remember that Jesus actually gave us words to pray! We will also learn how Jesus taught us not to pray; the intentional and beautiful order of prayer; and the simple joy of praying to “Our Father…”

Make a special effort to be in service this week as Patrick opens the first of his two-part series on this crucial topic. Prayer gives strength and vitality to our faith.

The Big Reveal – July 31, 6-8 PM

Last September we voted to embark on a process to clarify our mission, values and vision to work more effectively in completing the task to which God has called us. A lot has happened since then – we aren’t even Camarillo EvFree anymore. But as Chapel City Church, the task has been completed and we are ready to share where God has led us. We want you to be there if at all possible to share in this vision-casting meeting for Chapel City Church.

There will be three parts to the evening.
Part 1. Ken Wenzel, our project leader, will reintroduce the task force and give an overview of the process.
Part 2. Pastor Jim will present the results and the biblical basis for each area that the team developed, and how we expect this will improve our effectiveness for Jesus Christ and his church.
Part 3. Ken will detail the next steps to implement our mission, vision and values in Chapel City Church.

We would love to see you there!

Summer Specials July 27

Wednesday will be an awesome evening as we welcome Brush Arbor, a group with long-standing ties to Camarillo and to us as well. Next Wednesday is a highlight of the summer with Manny Gallardo’s taco grill. It will be a night to remember so make a special point for an awesome meal and a great concert. The program portion of the evening will be about a half hour and family-friendly so come on out for a good time.

It’s going to be terrific hearing from Patrick the next two weeks. I am praying that God will really touch our hearts as we discover the great resource that God has given us.

In Christ,


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