Luke: New Hope, New Joy
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Luke: New Hope, New Joy

LUKE: New Hope, New Joy

Cost: $8
Author: Ada Lurn
Diane McGovern

In the book of Luke we’ll read and study stories of the fully alive and fully human Jesus. We’ll see Him interact with everyday people like you and me. We’ll discover what He offers people both then and now. Luke will also show us what Jesus wants from His followers. This class is for the newer Christian who may not have heard many stories about Jesus yet. But it’s also for those who’ve been Christians for many years. After all, when was the last time you studied a story about Jesus and it filled you with new awe and wonder? Studying the book of Luke will enhance the secure, hopeful, and joyful lifestyle Jesus alone can give.”

Details: Wednesdays 9:30-11:30, September 7, 2016-May 3, 2017 Yellow House Class size 10

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