The Sunday Update | January 11, 2015

The Sunday Update | January 11, 2015

Four short verses that can change the direction of a life. That’s what we are looking at in James 1:5-8 as we gather together on Sunday. Life is messy and we’re not sure what we are doing or what we should be doing to clean it up! James tells us, “Just Ask!” As we look at this passage on wisdom, we’ll find that it can open our eyes to a whole new way of life that sees us growing in the ability to live well regardless of the circumstances. It will also help us to ask the right questions.

Pray that God will use this important passage to help us learn how to ask the right questions and how to trust God more.



Financial Peace University – Starts 1/25

It’s appropriate that we are speaking on wisdom tomorrow as we begin our publicity for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. If you have never taken the course or need a refresher, this important 10-week study facilitated by Ray Wall can get you back on track for financial peace in 2015. It will be facilitated by Ray Wall. We’ll get registration details out next week so be on the lookout.

High School Winter Camp

Be in prayer for Patrick, the staff, and the campers as they are at winter camp next weekend. It is a time when God can change the direction of their lives. Pray for unity, that God will speak to each one of them, and for safety. Special thanks for your continued generosity through the Christmas Youth Fundraiser, and your faithful support of CEFC through your offerings that make these life-changing events possible.

As we gather together tomorrow, I’m praying that God will speak to us regarding the need for wisdom; what we can expect from God, and just as importantly, what he can’t expect. Living wisely in today’s world is a challenging task but I am convinced that God can and does mold our character and our lives as we live in submission to him.

In Christ,


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