The Sunday Update | August 30, 2015

The Sunday Update | August 30, 2015

August 30th – Foundations for Faith

Barbara and I will be out of town this weekend at a high school reunion so we will miss you all. We are excited to have John Price speaking on Sunday. John has always been both practical and stimulating in his presentations. Here’s a preview:
When CEOs retire, organizations change, so they often spend the last part of their time with the company reviewing what has happened and sharing their vision for the future. They didn’t call them CEOs, but leaders in Bible times often did the same. We will look briefly at Jacob’s vision for Israel at the end of his life and Moses’s reminder to Israel of how they needed to follow the Lord when they entered into the Promised Land. Then we will consider the two topics that Jesus focused on during his last forty days on earth with the disciples. We are successors of those early disciples, so the vision of Jesus should still be the foundation for our faith today.

Yellow House Pantry Housecleaning

We are excited about our fall quarter of ministry and getting the facility ready. If you use the Yellow House pantry for your ministry (the kitchen or room behind the kitchen) please check this weekend to be sure that anything you want to keep is clearly marked. There will be a general cleaning and reorganization next week so be sure check so you don’t lose something important!

I’m praying for a great day Sunday. I know that your lives will be touched by a great word from the Lord.

In Christ,


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