The Sunday Update | February 28, 2016

The Sunday Update | February 28, 2016

February 28th

Waiting on the Lord is an often misunderstood concept that Patrick explores with us on Sunday through Hebrews 6:13-20. Waiting is much more than twiddling our thumbs while the seconds, minutes, hours, and days pass by. It involves our relationship, our confidence, and our hope in God as well as our strained relationship with the world. The best part is that Jesus, our forerunner has blazed the trail for us to give us the right heart in waiting. Don’t miss this important message as we explore waiting – more than just sitting around!

I will be there for the first service. We (all of the Larson clan) appreciate your support as we head to Escondido for a California memorial service for Harry Larson who passed away in India a few weeks ago.

Camarillo Evangelical Free will become Chapel City Church, March 20th.

When you arrive for church on Sunday, what’s exciting is what you won’t see. The old sign on the corner is down and the new one is soon ready to go up. On March 20th we are looking forward to a celebratory roll out of our new name with a lot of fanfare and a great tie-in to Easter Sunday the following week. Keep your eyes peeled for news, information, and invitation ideas for an exciting new era in our church.

All-city prayer – Wednesdays 12 pm – 1 – Camarillo Christian Church

National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 5. In preparation for a concert of prayer at Constitution Park on that day, people from all over Camarillo are gathering together each week through May 4th to pray for our city and beyond. We are part of this exciting movement and are believing that God will call a number of you to participate with us in this call to prayer. This is a wonderful opportunity for the larger body of Christ in Camarillo to come together to seek God’s blessing. Join us this Wednesday (3/3) at Camarillo Christian, corner of Arneill and Las Posas for a season of prayer as we approach the National Day of Prayer in May.

Barbara and I want to thank you for your words and notes of encouragement during this time of the loss of my brother Harry. It is a wonderful testament to the great family that we have here and the strong relationships that we build together. I am looking forward to hearing Patrick tomorrow and to rejoice in a great Sunday.

In Christ,


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