The Sunday Update | May 22, 2016

The Sunday Update | May 22, 2016

Living in Peace When They’re Declaring War – Hebrews 12:14-17

The Bible talks a lot about the peace that God gives; but also talks about the peace that we make. It’s not necessarily easy, and sometimes it may not even be possible to make peace, but it is a rewarding task. Using the right raw materials and avoiding the wrong ones will certainly help. Sunday as we look into the challenges that those early Christians faced and the response they were to have in the face of threats and persecution it will give us insight into how we can do the same.

We will also celebrate a God moment – one of those life experiences that God uses to teach us something special or moves us into deeper relationship to himself. We will be looking forward to hearing of one of those milestones!

Looking Ahead – God’s Global Reach – Omega & Julie Edwards

We’re looking forward to hearing from Omega & Julie Edwards on the 22nd. God has been doing wonderful things in their lives in Tanzania and it will be a chance to see God’s hand at work.

Help Student Ministries fund the Romania Team

Our students are off to good start with their recyclables drive to send Megan Tabor to Romania. However, last Tuesday Patrick was able to open his office door. We can do better! Let’s fill that office with cans, plastic bottles and other recyclables to join the Romania team and send them off!

Annual Meeting on May 22nd – 6 pm – child care provided

  • Meet new members, ratify budget & elders, rejoice in the state of the church!
  • Budget booklets available – foyer cabinet & overflow room counter.

Special Announcement:

Wayne Brueckner and John Price will be presented for ratification to serve as elders for the 2016 – 2019 term.

It is so tempting to respond to shouting with shouting, sarcasm with sarcasm, and anger with anger. I’m praying that Sunday will help us break that cycle in our homes, our schools, and our workplace. Pray for a great and life-changing Sunday.

In Christ,


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