The Sunday Update | August 28, 2016

The Sunday Update | August 28, 2016

Chapel City Church in the Park – August 28th

When God throws a party it not just a good time, it changes lives. This Sunday at the park we’re taking a few minutes to consider God’s camp out – the Feast of Booths when a whole nation camped out to rejoice in God’s provision. We’ll worship, feast, have fun, and encourage joyful hearts for God and for one another as we move Chapel City Church outdoors. We’ll sing a new song, 1000 Tongues. It didn’t come together last week as we hoped but this Sunday we’re rolling it out. Learn it and love it!

Format Change for Body Builders ABF

Body Builders ABF is opening up to adults of all ages in a discussion-oriented study of Ephesians and it’s emphasis on the church. The goal is that living and working together and loving one another in Christ won’t just be a study, it will be a reality as this ABF grows together. See you September 10th.

Mom to Mom

Registrations are open!

It’s a loving place for moms with kids from birth to middle school to be encouraged, build friendships, and learn biblical principles relating to womanhood, marriage, and parenting from other moms a little farther down the road.

It would be hard for me describe how much work and planning has gone into our Chapel City Church in the Park and how many people have poured many hours into putting it together. So when you arrive on Sunday morning, take a few moments to thank God for faithful people who work behind the scenes to make sure that our day glorifies God and meets our needs as a dynamic congregation. It’s my prayer that this day will be a real impetus for a deeper connection with one another and a greater desire to serve Jesus Christ together. See you Sunday!

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