The Sunday Update | February 26, 2017

The Sunday Update | February 26, 2017

Being a Living Sacrifice

Malachi 2-3 is all about saying one thing and doing another. It’s not supposed to be that way yet we’re ready to give it all for God until it costs us something. We try to hold onto our statements while we explain away our actions. God calls on Israel (and on us) to give our best, not our leftovers. That means that we become the sacrifice to God with a life that matches our promises to God – without compromise, without hypocrisy. Be sure to be here Sunday as Patrick opens up the word and challenges us not just to give the sacrifice, but to become the sacrifice.

Through the Bible Celebration – A Job Well Done

  • When – Sunday March 5th – 7 pm
  • Where – Fellowship Hall
  • What – An ice cream social and time of testimony – How were you blessed?
  • Why – Because you did it! you’re about to do it, or you’re still on track.

If you were a part of our Through the Bible campaign we want you to join us to celebrate your accomplishment and rejoice with your fellow-travelers through last year’s Bible journey. We’re inviting your kids, too! We want them to have a good time cheering you all on! Think about how God has blessed you and bring a brief testimony of what the readings meant to you and what you’ve learned. Please reply to this email and let us know if you’re coming.

I think Sunday’s theme is one of those hallmark themes in all of scripture. I’m looking forward to a great day as we worship together. As we prepare for Sunday, let’s not forget our high school students and staff away at Hume Lake. Pray that God will give them a fresh heart for knowing and following Jesus! Hope to see you in service Sunday.

In Christ,


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