The Sunday Update | June 7, 2015

The Sunday Update | June 7, 2015

June 7th

Tomorrow we look at a haunting passage. In a sense we’re reading someone else’s mail because it’s written to some outside of the church. Yet it gives us a picture of how serious the temptations are that go along with wealth. In a society such as ours, it is an opportunity to take stock of our lives and to examine our attitudes. Take a moment to read through James 5:1-6 and pick out some principles that you think might be topics of discussion for tomorrow!

Announcements & Updates

If you meet visitors tomorrow, be sure to invite them to lunch with us!

The Sheltons are transitioning to different areas of ministry after many years of faithful service. Cara served as Facilities Director, Steve and Cara as our custodial staff, and Steve as our 5th and 6th grade Sunday morning teacher. Other positions are too numerous to count! In addition, it has always been a family affair with the kids pitching in on everything. NO, they’re not leaving – but we can’t let their service go unnoticed.

Join us immediately after church for an ALL-AMERICAN THANK YOU AND LUNCH in the Quad with hot dogs, brats, watermelon, and ice cream – all the works for a great party. We’ll try have you on your way by 1:45 so the kids can get their nap in (me, too!).

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

In Christ,


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