The Sunday Update | September 27, 2015

The Sunday Update | September 27, 2015

September 27th

Nahum; his name means “comfort.” At first glance, the setting and the content of Nahum’s message might cause us to question God’s choice of a messenger. Comfort? Yet as God gives his message against blustering, intimidating enemies of his people, perspectives begin to emerge that enable us to live fruitful, contented lives. We have not been abandoned. Many of us living in trying times need to hear from this messenger. What is the key quality that we need to appropriate comfort in our lives when we are anything but comfortable? Read through the book before we meet. It’s not a comfortable read but it is a read that brings comfort.¬†Rise to the challenge to find the keys in these three chapters.

Announcements & Updates

Sermon-based Small Group signups continue on Sunday!

Almost everyone in our 10-week small groups last spring have returned. That’s the best endorsement for the fellowship, the relationships and the growth that we discover in these groups. We have a few spots left so be sure to take advantage. Be sure to look for the signups on Sunday.

Church Business Meeting – New Name Reveal – Join us for …

  • Introduction of the name proposed for CEFC
  • Ratification of elder nominee Walter Lopatka
  • 2015-2016 Nominating Committee selection

This is one of our most important mid-year business meetings in a long time. We are providing a movie night for our kids so we can have full representation from all age groups. Please make a special effort to be there!

I am praying for a great day tomorrow in church and in our business meeting on Sunday night. Pray that God will give us a great day together.

In Christ,


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