The Sunday Update | October 11, 2015

The Sunday Update | October 11, 2015

October 11th

For most of us even the thought of making a case for Christ rattles us. We get even more shaky when we feel like we need to make the case to ourselves! This week in John 9, we look at a man who had never seen Christ, who with little knowledge, no theological training, no discipleship classes, and even with little or no regular attendance at synagogue made a case for Christ that was as eloquent as any ever presented. It’s worth taking a look at. If we’re struggling, maybe it’s because we’re going about it wrong.

Join us Sunday as Patrick opens the word in this faith-building message.

Announcements – Lot’s of important stuff so please don’t quit half-way through!

The Art of Marriage Seminar

Oct 23-24 (Friday 7-9:30 pm and Saturday 9 am-4 pm) at the church.

I hope you will take this opportunity seriously! We often don’t recognize destructive habits that while insignificant in the moment, can lead to big issues down the road. Here’s the chance to be proactive instead of reactive in your marriage.

A New Name for Camarillo EvFree

Here are two important dates we want you to remember.

  • This Sunday, second and third services – Name Change Forum. Why Chapel City Church? When an unexpected or unfamiliar name is proposed, there are lots of legitimate questions that arise; questions that need answers. Here’s your chance to ask the questions – no question out of bounds! If a question has arisen in your mind, it has likely occurred to someone else so we need your input!
  • October 18, third service – special business meeting regarding ratification of the new name. The sole item on the agenda is a yes or no vote on the proposed name Chapel City Church. This is an important date so we hope all will mark it on their calendar. Absentee ballots are available but must be obtained from the church and must be submitted personally prior to the start of the business meeting. Sorry no proxy votes (votes communicated or carried by another person).


We are putting together a group of 50 help us with strategic planning on January 8-9, 2016. We want to get your suggestions for the participants. It’s important that we have diversity – men and women; broad generational representation – as young as late high school through seniors. We are looking for people that have been around long enough to know the church and have a commitment to CEFC.

You can pick up a form on Sunday or click here to submit your suggestions online. Thanks for you input; your suggestions are important to us!

I hope you will join us for a time of great worship and study, and also for one of our two Name Change Forums. We have big decisions to make and we want you, our church family, to be fully informed. See you Sunday!

In Christ,


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