The Sunday Update | October 4, 2015

The Sunday Update | October 4, 2015

October 4th

Is questioning God wrong? Isn’t that a lack of faith? Who are we to call God into question? Habakkuk is a bold, impetuous prophet who does exactly that. This prophet challenges our concepts of faith and God rewards those audacious challenges with revelation that helps us in our quest for God, particularly in the face of hard times.

I am praying that Habakkuk’s message will resonate with us and will move us toward an open, honest relationship with God that will strengthen our relationship with him and stabilize our faith regardless of the circumstances.

It will also be a great entrance for Communion as we remember Christ in this special way.

Announcements & Updates

The Art of Marriage Seminar

Oct 23-24 (Friday 7-9:30pm and Saturday 9am-4pm) at the church.

This video series from FamilyLife¬ģ weaves together expert Biblical teaching, engaging stories, man-on-the street interviews, and humorous vignettes to portray both the challenges and the beauty of God’s design in six 1-hour sessions that address The Purpose of Marriage, Drifting to Isolation, Understanding Roles, Communication and Conflict, Romance and Intimacy, and Leaving a Legacy. Several couples from our church have been through the series and found it to be extremely helpful. Sign up at the table in Fellowship Hall between services, or on the church website.

A New Name for Camarillo EvFree

We’ll be continuing on our rollout for our proposed name change tomorrow and hope you will be there. Here are two important dates we want you to remember.

  • October 11, second and third services we will combine the ABFs (all are welcome) and meet in the Fellowship Hall. We will have an opportunity to talk about the name and the reasoning behind it. It’s a good chance to bring your questions.
  • October 18, third service we will suspend the third service for a special business meeting regarding ratification of the new name. This is an important date so we hope all will mark it on their calendar.

I think Sunday is going to be a great day of celebration in the Lord and an opportunity to discover the reality of sincere faith. It’s not an easy faith but it is one that steadies our footing in the most unstable times of life. I hope you will make a special effort to be there.

In Christ,


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