The Sunday Update | August 14, 2016

The Sunday Update | August 14, 2016

Making a Mess of Church

A hard church in the middle of a hard society is left in the hands of a young pastor. What is he to do? He needs real guidance just to survive! Paul, a wise mentor tells Timothy – and us – how we can not just use the Bible, but how we can use it well. At this important time in the life of Chapel City Church, we stop to remind ourselves of what’s important. (1 TIm. 1:1-11)


Join us in two weeks for a great time of worship, eats, and fun as we take Chapel City Church into the community at Bob Kildee Park on Temple Ave. We’ll praise God out-of-doors instead of in our building. Bring a friend!

Sunday is AWANA Sunday

We’re kicking off our 2016-’17 AWANA promotion focusing on the great things God is doing in the lives of children through this important ministry. Make sure you’re there to share in this wonderful testimony.

I’m so excited to begin this new series on God’s blueprint for the church as we go through 1 Timothy together. I’m praying that you will make a special effort to be in service this Sunday for a great time of worship together.

In Christ,


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