The Sunday Update | October 2, 2016

The Sunday Update | October 2, 2016

Mysterious Simplicity

Whether we’re thinking about what to look for in leaders or general qualities of godliness in ourselves, we tend to over complicate things and thereby lose sight of the obvious. As we continue with God’s Blueprint for the Church, 1 Timothy 3:14-4:5, gives a solid foundation upon which godliness is built.

Communion Sunday

Sunday we will be a time of special praise as we celebrate the communion together. We hope that you will take some special time to prepare your heart for worship. Our praise team is introducing a new song whose lyrics fit right in with communion. Click here to prepare your heart for Sunday and get acquainted with the song.

Rejoice! Chapel City Women Lunch Save the date РOctober 23rd

Special events come and go without recognizing these moments of joy and thanksgiving. Rejoice! gathers friends to celebrate God’s blessing in births, engagements, graduations, adoptions, birthdays, baptisms and more. Don’t let these special times go unrecognized – Rejoice!

We had a great kickoff to our new two-service schedule last week and are looking forward to building on that enthusiasm on Sunday. We’ll have a great worship set with some new music, a key principle that leads to godly living and a time of communion. Put that together with a wonderful time of fellowship and it promises to be an awesome morning. I hope you’ll make a special effort to be in service as we continue into a new adventure at Chapel City Church.

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