The Sunday Update | January 15, 2017

The Sunday Update | January 15, 2017

If we are serious about living for God in 2017, we need to know what that looks like. It’s not as obvious as you think. Over the next weeks, we are going to look at three principles that flow from the fruit of the Spirit. Living in step with the Holy Spirit allows us the freedom to live how God intended us to. Failing to do so can enslave and frustrate us in ways we never thought possible. These practical studies from Galatians 5 will give you key insights that can transform your thinking and living.


Meet us Sunday in the Overflow Room to find out more about us or join Chapel City Church in a formal manner. In membership you stand with Chapel City Church and we stand with you! Let us know if you need child care.


We’re getting together on January 22nd in the evening to bring you important news prior to our business meeting on the 29th. This is not limited to church members – it’s for all those who have a stake in Chapel City Church!

Small Groups start this week!

Sermon-based Small Groups help you develop deep-rooted relationships with God and others. They connect you to Chapel City Church and help you grow in practical discipleship. We’re adding a morning group; it’s a new alternative for those who can’t make it at night.

We’re looking for lady volunteers to help parents worship and focus on the sermon while their infants and toddlers are safely and well-cared for.
We need volunteers with a heart for kids. Teen girls (16 years old & up) are welcome. Moms with little ones in the nursery are expected to work at least one service per month. You can email Darcie You’ll be blessed in this important ministry.

I hope you’ll be in service on Sunday. It’s so easy to lose our balance and fall to one side or the other. But when you learn the principles of living in the Spirit, you gain a freedom in life that many never experience. I pray it will be a very meaningful time. We’re also going to hear from Rick and Christina Perez of what God did in their lives in Mexico last Christmas and the blessings they gave to others. Be here!

In Christ,


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