The Sunday Update | January 22, 2017

The Sunday Update | January 22, 2017

 A Tribute to Faithfulness

Missionaries will be speaking at both services as we celebrate decades of their faithful service. We have been the beneficiaries of their love for God and their strategic thinking as numbers of our own have traveled to Tanzania to join in their work. This is their farewell visit as they enter retirement so don’t miss this great opportunity to honor God’s faithful servants!

All Church Forum, Sunday 1/22 at 6 pm

Don’t forget the meeting Sunday night at 6 pm. Whether you are a church member or not, this is the opportunity for you to find out what’s happening and where we’re going.

  1. We want you to know where we stand financially and what we’re doing about it. It’s important to stay informed and move forward together.
  2. The elders have a proposal to make next week regarding restructuring our current staff. We want to give you the information firsthand so you can participate fully informed in the decision next Sunday night.

There is child care so bring the kids and an umbrella. It’s supposed to rain.

I hope you will make a special effort to be in service on Sunday. Knowing these missionaries and having personally been a very brief part of their ministry, I can personally attest to the incredible work they have done for God and his kingdom. You will be blessed by them and the opportunity to hear from others of the impact that they have made.

In Christ,


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