The Sunday Update | January 29, 2017

The Sunday Update | January 29, 2017

It’s for freedom we’ve been set free!

We’re revisiting real freedom. Free to live, and now free to serve. How can that be? Doesn’t freedom mean untethered and unaccountable? Sunday we’ll see that our lives take a dramatic turn when we live in the freedom of the Spirit and the fruit of his presence shows itself. This will not be a theoretical journey. Learning and doing can change the way you look at God, those around you, yourself. Don’t miss out!


Don’t leave your seat empty at the business meeting Sunday night. You can meet some great new members, learn more about a proposal for staff restructuring, and invest your time and interest in Chapel City Church. Be sure to pick up your report booklet on Sunday morning.There’s child care provided so you can bring the kids along. We’ll see you Sunday night.

REPORT – Finances & Restructuring

With more than 100 in attendance at our forum, we had a great response. At our business meeting we’ll give a brief report and take some questions & comments. We heard your input and made a modification so we’re postponing the decision till 2/19 at a special business meeting. Be sure to stay informed, ask questions, and make suggestions. You have already been a great help and made a difference!

It’s Name Tag Sunday so be sure to pick one up on your way in. I’m praying for a great Sunday as we learn what real freedom is all about. It’s at the heart of our Christian living and our relationships together. Hope to see you in service Sunday.

In Christ,


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