The Sunday Update | May 7, 2017

The Sunday Update | May 7, 2017

Tonight (Thursday) – Constitution Park – 6 PM

We’re sending out our mailer early to remind you that Thursday, May 4th (tonight) is the National Day of Prayer. Bring a chair, dress warmly for chilly Camarillo evenings, and be ready to pray with other believers in this city. Various pastors will introduce prayer themes as we pray for our city and our nation. It’s a wonderful experience to hear this great concert of prayer being raised up to God from sincere hearts. Join us as we seek God’s grace and guidance in these perilous times.


You don’t have to be a scholar (or an adult) to take communion. We often wonder if our kids are ready. What’s ready? Were the disciples ready? Did they have a complete and full understanding of what was happening? No. But they did know they loved Jesus and wanted to follow him. This Sunday we take a bit more time with communion to take it to a level where our kids can relate. Consider bringing your children into the service at least for the first part to help them see God’s role in their everyday experience and be reminded that Jesus died for us so that we all might be a part of God’s family now and forever. (Source article)


Join us Sunday evening in the overflow room to find out more about Chapel City Church or to join with us in membership. You can sign up on your registration slip or click below.

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Looking Ahead to Sunday

In Christ, we belong to one faith, and one family. The length that God has gone to preserve this truth is incredible. While we profess that truth mentally, it is very tempting to wander from that reality spiritually, emotionally, and behaviorally, even for people who have believed for many years. Sunday we’ll see the importance of living Under One Gospel and how crucial it is to our life with Christ and with one another. We’ll also confirm that oneness through celebrating communion.

Memorial Service for Doug Heath

There will be a memorial service for Doug Heath on Thursday 5/11 at 1pm here at Chapel City Church. We send out our condolences to his family and friends in this time of loss.

In Christ,


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