The Sunday Update | June 25, 2017

The Sunday Update | June 25, 2017

LIVING UNHINDERED – Galatians 5:1-12

Picture an athlete that is running well, near the front of the pack. He’s being cheered on and has a clear shot at crossing the finish first. Suddenly a runner cuts in on him. He stumbles and as he’s going down sees the field surging ahead. His hopes are dashed. That’s the picture in our passage on Sunday. False teachers with false doctrine; they leave too many Christians hurt on the track wondering what happened. You don’t want to miss this important message from God’s word. It’s an important lesson to help us avoid disaster!


We’re going to vacate the Yellow House at the end of August. This will help us reorder our priorities freeing up needed cash. We have a great facilities team getting ready for the move. The gutted office off the courtyard will become the new church office. The current church office becomes a general meeting room, and the lease money for the Yellow House is freed up to use in ministry. Let’s work together to be prioritized in spending and generous in giving!


If you’re at home on Wednesdays fretting over dinner or settling for fast food, you’re missing out! Join us starting July 5th for a hamburger feed at 6 pm followed by a special presentation from the Newsboys Tribute Band featuring our own Matt Grindstaff. You’ll want to invite your friends to this great event.


We’ll be celebrating the life of Howard Adams on Saturday, July 1st at 2 pm with a reception immediately following. This is a chance to remember a good friend who followed Jesus and the contribution that he made to the lives of so many.

Be in prayer for our kids and staff who leave for Hume Lake San Diego on Sunday. We’re praying for a life-changing experience

I am praying that God will speak to each one of us on Sunday.  I hope you’ll make a special effort to be in service. We live in a time and culture that stands in stark opposition to the truth of God’s work. It’s a time to stand firm for God.

In Christ,


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