The Sunday Update | July 2, 2017

The Sunday Update | July 2, 2017

RECOVERY – Galatians 5:7-12

We’ve all seen the “funny” videos of people getting tripped up. I guess it’s funny if nothing more happens, but you can really get hurt with a bad fall. We don’t just stumble physically, we trip spiritually due to some teaching, situation, or person. All of a sudden we are out of sync with God and with believers and others around us. Sunday we look at who or what trips us up, the danger that it brings, and the strategy to regain our footing after the fall. It’s a message for all of us who want consistency and growth in their walk with God. We’ll finish off our service by remembering Jesus’s sacrifice for us and the resources it brings.

July 15-16 – Willett Hot Springs

Dust off your backpacks and get ready for a great overnight. This two-day event will be a great chance to bond with one another in the great outdoors and to get to know one another. Pick up information on Sunday or click here for hike details. Jesse Kluckow coordinates this trip so email him to get more info and sign up. Don’t be left behind!


This Newsboys tribute band kicks off our Summer Specials with a fun concert that includes our own Matt Grindstaff. Our ABF Beacon, will head up an awesome burger bash with all the trimmings. Don’t sit at home in a hot kitchen after your first day back from the long holiday weekend. Bring along a friend or neighbor and join us at 6 pm.

I hope that if you’re in town this weekend we’ll see you in service. It’s a theme of recovery. We may be tripped up for a time but praise God there is a way back! Pray for a great service together.

In Christ,


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