The Sunday Update | July 9, 2017

The Sunday Update | July 9, 2017

FROM BLESSING TO ABUSE – Galatians 5:13-21

“Liberty is not the power of doing as we like, it is the right to do as we ought” (Lord Acton). Unfortunately too many don’t live out the reality of that truth. Sunday we look at the danger of abusing the freedom that we have in Christ. That leads to a belief that freedom in Christ means freedom to do as we please without consequence. As we look at a necessary corrective, we find that this abuse of truth starts inside of us subtly and leads to serious issues in our lives as it works out in actions. Living responsibly under freedom is not easy, but it is surprisingly uncomplicated. Take some time to read the passage linked above and get ready for amazing discoveries on Sunday.


Help make our Summer Specials a success. We’re looking for volunteers to help us with desserts for three of our summer specials. Check out the sign up sheet on the office door in the courtyard, get out your recipe for cupcakes, brownies, or cookies and help us make Summer Specials memorable with varied goodies for our summer evenings. Be sure to sign up on Sunday.


Next week Camarillo Fiesta hits Ventura Boulevard. There are some unique challenges, especially later in the morning so we’ll be gathering together in one service at 9 am. Chapel City Kids will meet normally during the 9 o’clock hour. Parking is available out front and in the public lot. Just be sure to enter from Lewis Road. We’ll have a great time of worship as we gather as one in our 9 o’clock service.

July 15-16 – Willett Hot Springs

Dust off your backpacks and get ready for a great overnight. This two-day event will be a great chance to bond with one another in the great outdoors and to get to know one another. Pick up information on Sunday or click here for hike details. Jesse Kluckow coordinates this trip so email him to get more info and sign up. Don’t be left behind!

SUMMER SPECIALS Country Picnic Supper – 7/12

It’s a country picnic with pulled pork, baked beans, & all the trimmings! It will be a time of relaxed conversation as we spend quality time together. There’s no program this week so it will be a time to relax and enjoy a warm summer evening together. We’ll have bounce houses for the kids so don’t stay home and miss this great time of fun and fellowship.

Our first Summer Special has come and gone and it was a great success. As we look forward to our next Special on Wednesday, and an awesome backpack for some men on Saturday (7/11), we find there is lots going on at Chapel City to bring us together. But we can’t forget the realty that God calls us to encourage each other to love and good works through meeting together around praise and the word. I hope to see you in service on Sunday as we encourage one another in life and worship.

In Christ,


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