The Sunday Update | July 12, 2015

The Sunday Update | July 12, 2015

July 12th – FIESTA DAYS ARE HERE – 8:15 & 9:30 SERVICE ONLY!

Sunday we are gathering in two services – no third service. Many of our number will celebrate Church at the Beach in Carpinteria (see below), we’ll get good early morning parking, and be on our way before the noise starts to heat up. It’s also a good time to see people from other services we don’t normally see so don’t stay home!

Philippians 4:4-9 gives positive response in turbulent times. If you have found yourself a little troubled recently, this is a message for you!

Take some time to look over the passage and just reading it will give you a renewed perspective in a topsy-turvy world.

Announcements & Updates (there’s a lot of important stuff here so at least peruse each one)

Special Schedule – Fiesta Days 7/12

Schedule change: No third service – services at 8:15 and 9:30 only. Child care through. Many families will be at the beach (see below) so we won’t have graded classes beyond preschool. A good opportunity to worship with your children.

Church at the beach: Beacon ABF invites all interested to the main beach in Carpinteria (not the state beach) for church at the beach. All bring their own food and supplies. There is a gathering for worship about 9:30. Come when you can, leave when you must. Contact Craig Shackleford for details.

Summer Specials are Wednesday @ 6 pm

Join us for a great roast beef dinner ($6 adults – $1 kids under 10). Our study will focus on the Christian urban myth, “Forgiving Means Forgetting.” Whether you join us for the study or enjoy a relaxing time around the tables, it makes for a great evening together.
Special clean-up note. If you, your ABF or Small Group would like to volunteer for a week to help with clean-up after dinner, please contact the church office and let Barbara know. It’s a great chance to get to know others on the team.

Baptisms July 19th

We have a good number of people signed up for baptisms. If you haven’t been baptized as a believer and are interested in this important step of faith, please contact Jim as soon as possible.

Child Dedication July 26th

If you are interested in dedicating your children to the Lord please contact Jim as soon as possible. Child dedication is scheduled for the 26th.

I’m praying for a great day Sunday.

In Christ,


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