The Sunday Update | July 26, 2015

The Sunday Update | July 26, 2015

July 26th – Child Dedications Sunday 2nd Service

When parents dedicate themselves and their children to the Lord it is always an inspiring time.We stand at the beginning of a great venture, a new career, a marriage, raising a child, and have such great hopes of the future before us. We exude great confidence in the outcome. Tomorrow, on the occasion of these dedications, we pause to look at the dedication of Samuel and the prayer that Hannah sang as she contemplated his future. We’ll see where Hannah placed her confidence and her significance as the mother of an outstanding future leader.

As we look into 1 Samuel 1:1 – 2:11, we’ll see how her well-placed confidence spoke to her significance in God regardless of the future. I think that God will bless our hearts through Hannah’s prayer in turbulent times. Take some time to read over chapter 2 to ready your heart for a meaningful time.

Announcements & Updates

Summer Specials Brats & Dogs – Wednesday @ 6 pm

A few weeks ago we fired up the barbecue and had an after-church all-American hot dog and gourmet sausage feed. With watermelon, chips, & dessert it was a roaring success. We’re resurrecting it next Wednesday so don’t miss out on this change-up for a a great evening of good conversation and study.

A Family Matter – Keeping You Informed

Our giving has been encouraging of late but the summer slump seems to have hit big time in July! Our July freewill giving over the past four years has averaged about $63,500 but we are on track to receive about $37,000, a significant drop from our average. If God leads you to give a little extra this month, it will help us maintain the ministry initiatives we have here at Camarillo EvFree. Help us stay on track for a great year.

Even if you are a regular first or third service attendee, be in prayer for Patrick and Kelsey Murphy on the dedication of Luca, and Brandon and Kristine Wahl, on the dedication of Elizabeth. Be ready for a great day as we worship, celebrate, and study together.

In Christ,


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