The Sunday Update | August 2, 2015

The Sunday Update | August 2, 2015

August 2nd – Important questions about God and ourselves

What do we need to know to be effective for God? There are certain questions that must be answered if we are to fulfill His mission in our lives. We strive to answer four critical answers in our study tomorrow. It has relevance in God’s plans for us as we move out for him. Some of the ministries that He has for us involve a lifelong ministry, others involve a specific stage-of-life ministry, and still others may only be for a short period. Whichever it is, not knowing the right answers will inevitably lead to deficient or failed service.

As you look forward to God’s plans for you over the next year, “strengthen your serve” in this study of the call of Moses in Exodus 3-4.

We will conclude the morning with a wonderful remembrance of Christ through the communion.

Announcements & Updates

Summer Specials – Wednesday @ 6 pm

Only two more Summer Specials left! Don’t miss out on this great time together.

A Family Matter – A wonderful response

Last week I wrote of a shortfall we had in July and encouraged people to pray about an additional effort to bring our July giving into an acceptable range. Your response was an answer to prayer! Our fourth Sunday giving was approximately three times our normal fourth Sunday giving. Thanks for your response. Thanks for letting us share periodic needs with you, our family members. Your investment in the work God has given us all is blessed by God and greatly appreciated.

I am praying for a great day tomorrow. I am convinced that God has work for each one of us to do this year and I am praying that Sunday’s message will help equip us to be the servants God has called us to be.

In Christ,


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