The Sunday Update | November 29, 2015

The Sunday Update | November 29, 2015

As we lead up to Christmas we take a look at the five “mothers” of Jesus – five women in Jesus’s family tree found in Matthew 1. Most surprising of all is that in a family tree listed in that time, that any women at all are found in the genealogy. Yet as we look at these five, we will find so much that tells us about them, about us, and about the Savior who came. I believe that God has much to teach us about his grace and his outreaching heart that will change not only our view of Christmas, but will affect our walk with God and our relationship to the world around us. For some background you can read Matthew 1:1-6, and Genesis 38. But be prepared. It is a shocking and puzzling passage that we explore tomorrow. Could this really be one of the “mothers” of Jesus?

Name Tag Sunday Sunday 11/29 – Find the table, print & wear yours.

Babies & Beyond

A new resource group for moms with infants through middle-school children to recapture the joy of raising kids. A safe place to share, connect, learn, and be encouraged with other moms, Register in the Fellowship Hall to build relationships and teamwork as you walk this journey together. Meets second Tuesday mornings of each month starting January 14th. More details available at the sign-up table.

Children’s Christmas Concert Next Sunday morning and evening! (12/6)

Second and third services will feature our kids in a great Christmas concert. First service will have a full message with a brief meditation at our second and third services.There will be a reprise of our concert on Sunday evening so it’s a great opportunity to invite family and friends.

Get your Christmas Shoe Boxes in. Deadline – Sunday 11/29

Youth Christmas Banquet Tickets on Sale! (12/11-12/2015)

It’s getting close so don’t miss out! $20 per person gives you a great evening and helps our student ministries.

I am praying that as we take a fresh look at an old, strange story, we will see how God’s future for a woman who thought she had no future can encourage us to look to him in faith even in our darkest moments.

In Christ,


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