The Resplendent Light of Christmas

The Resplendent Light of Christmas

Have you ever setup your own nativity scene or one for someone else? As you know, in that scene, there are various pieces, from the lesser important (but still important) shepherds, sheep, angels, stable (which in all likelihood was a cave), animals, Mary, Joseph, to the most important Jesus. Now often times, while the scene is being setup, we are in a hurry to get everything situated and then move on. Or as we travel by one, we are moving at a pace that does not give us a chance to take in all that is there. Some of it gets a little blurred. But have you ever noticed the way the nativity is setup? It is usually setup in a way to draw the eyes to the center of the scene. What is at the center, or whom rather, is the main reason everything surrounding even exists? The scene would have never come about if it had not been for Jesus Christ. And not just because of what God had orchestrated and planned, but because He created the very existence of all things that are beheld in that scene. This Sunday we are not going cover the typical Christmas passage. Instead, let’s center our gaze up on the Son himself. Let’s gaze and behold the wonderous mystery, who came in human flesh for all to see. The center piece is not some little plastic baby we lay in a fake plastic manger. No this was a real person who came for us and God’s glory. So, who is this child? What is his background? What was his purpose? And why should we care?

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.

Isaiah 9:2 


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